May 2021: Tournament Season is Here

The May 2021 newsletter includes information about upcoming tournaments, how to watch videos from the 2021 US Open in Naples, pictures from the Riverside Tennis Center ribbon cutting and MCB Tournament, upcoming “Newbie Nights” at Chicken N Pickle, and how to sign up for leagues.

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2 thoughts on “May 2021: Tournament Season is Here

  1. I’m a new player and would like to play in some tournaments, but don’t have a partner. I’m 61. Any suggestions on how to CV connect with someone?

    • Chris, are you on Facebook? I think it is a lot easier to connect with other players on there because you can post a message in the group that all 1600 members will see. There’s also a Seeking Pickleball Partner(s) Facebook group that’s specifically for people looking for partners.

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