Quick Hands Drill by Phil Metz

This is a pickleball drill from Simone Jardim and Phil Metz of the Peak Performance Pickleball Academy to help you develop quick hands in volleys from the non-volley line.

Simone Jardim is a world famous professional pickleball player and undoubtedly the greatest female pickleball player of all time. She currently holds the number one spot in womens singles, womens doubles, and women’s mixed according to World Pickleball Rankings (powered by Pickleball Tournaments). She is an IPTPA certified instructor and co-director of the Peak Performance Pickleball Academy in Bonita Springs, FL.

Phil Metz is an IPTPA certified instructor for Peak Performance Pickleball Academy. Phil has a tennis background and was a Big Ten champion playing #1 singles and doubles for Ohio State University. He was a member of the US College National Team, and the US Future Olympic Team. After retiring from competition, Phil began coaching tennis. He discovered pickleball in 2016 and has been hooked on the sport ever since. Today he is helping others learn how to play pickleball and improve their game.

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