McAdams Recreation Center

McAdams Rec Center

McAdams Recreation Center recently added pickleball to their schedule. When I say recently, it means in the last few months. Unlike the other recreation centers which have had pickleball for years —- even before the sport grew more mainstream.

Just like the other rec centers, McAdams offers a very reasonable drop in rate of $2. Since they play from 2:30 to 4:30 pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, it basically just comes out $1 per hour of play.

They have 2 courts on a nice wood gym floor so you basically want to play with an indoor ball and wear indoor court shoes (like those volleyball shoes) rather than outdoor, hard surface tennis shoes. The floor surface felt good to play on but the yellow lines were kind of difficult to see from far away, which is actually fine because you should really only make line calls on your side of the court anyway.

If you go and rely on your GPS or Google Maps, the instructions will tell you to enter from 13th Street. However, the rec center parking lot is actually more accessible from 17th Street. Going the 13th Street route can be quite confusing so my advice would be to go through 17th Street and then take Wabash South to the rec center parking lot.

McAdams is another great option when the weather isn’t favorable for outside play. Their play times are not ideal for those who work during the day but super easy to remember if you are retired and looking to play pickleball on a regular basis and not spend a lot of money doing it. I will be adding McAdams information to the USA Pickleball Place2Play site shortly so the information will be available to everyone. For more options, check out our full Open Play Schedule. See you on the courts!

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