Local Pickleball Courts – Official Rules

City of Wichita - Pickleball Court Rules

These are the official rules that are in effect at public pickleball courts within the city of Wichita — mainly the courts at Seneca Park and Edgemoor Park. Hopefully there will be more public pickleball courts but these are the two main locations in Wichita presently.

  • Courts are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Courts are for pickleball play only.
  • Pets, bicycles, rollerbades, and skateboards are prohibited.
  • Climbing on fences is prohibited.
  • Taking down nets is prohibited.
  • Proper footwear (non-marking tennis shoes) is required.
  • Open play rotation is observed daily during the hours of 7 – 10 AM and 5 – 8 PM. Games are played to 11, win by 2, or first to 15. Waiting players must place their paddles in the paddle holder to indicate next in line.
  • One hour play rotation is available between 10 AM and 5 PM daily but, if there are players waiting, the court must be relinquished to the waiting players after one hour of play.
  • Persons not playing must keep off the courts when they are occupied.
  • Please be courteous at all times and call 911 if conflict arises.

Hopefully there will never be a need to call 911 because of a conflict. We must all remember that the public pickleball courts are free for everyone and we must all share the use of them. If you prefer to play privately with your own small group, courts are available to reserve at Chicken N Pickle, Nahola Fitness, or Riverside Tennis Center.

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