2021 Middle States Regionals Recap

Below are the events in which #ICTpickleball players medaled. The full tournament results can be found here. (I tried to insert some of the podium pics that I found.)

Justin McLung and Ramon Lozano from Hays Pickleball (our extended family) earned Gold in Mens Doubles 3.5 35+ Chris Wilson and partner Michael McLemore earned Silver in Mens Doubles 3.5 50+ Dave Belew and Mike Ellison earned Silver in Mens Doubles 4.5 50+ Ching Brubaker and Erica Lopez earned Bronze in Womens Doubles 3.0 35+ Jen Reifschneider and Jennifer Tiano earned Silver in Womens Doubles 3.5 19+ Jenny Cole and Karen Fox earned Bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5 35+ Laurie Newton and partner Karen Fielding earned Bronze in Womens Doubles 3.5 50+ Erica Lopez (Gold) and Ching Brubaker (Silver) in Womens Singles 3.0 35+ Untitled Erica Lopez and Zach Nguyen earned Gold in Mixed 3.0 35+ Tiffany and Donnie Lesperance earned Gold in Mixed 3.5 50+

Congratulations to everyone who medaled and kudos to all the players who participated in this year’s Middle States Regional Championship tournament in St. Louis, MO.

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