Seneca Park


Seneca Park has six beautiful pickleball courts with permanent nets. It is centrally located and easily accessible via Kellogg (US Highway 54). The only downside to the park is that there are no lights. In the summer time, it’s usually packed with players from sun up to sundown.

Here’s another view of the courts, looking from the playground out to the street. There isn’t a designated parking lot so you have to park on the street (just as these two vehicles in the photo above have done). There also isn’t a restroom, so keep this in mind when playing. There’s a QuikTrip and some fast food restaurants nearby which are your best bets — unless you’re a man and can go anywhere you want. LOL.

Here’s a picture from this past Sunday. Prime time is about eight o’clock in the morning. By eleven, things die down until the next wave of players arrive for afternoon play. Seneca Park follows the city’s public pickleball court rules where prime time is defined as 7 – 10 AM and 5 – 8 PM. Open play rotation is observed during these times and players are encouraged to use the paddle holders to indicate next in line. Outside of the prime time schedule, you can play privately with a group of friends an hour or two when there aren’t others waiting to play, which is similar to how public tennis courts work. It’s great that we have six beautiful pickleball courts where everyone can play for free.

Speaking of playing, it’s kind of hard to play by yourself so I highly recommend signing up for Playtime Scheduler. Open plays at Seneca Park are usually posted there. All you have to do is RSVP on the site and arrive any time that the group is there playing. Join the rotation by placing your paddle in the paddle holder. The players are very welcoming to new people. Anyone is welcome to jump in a game during open plays.

I highly recommend checking out Seneca Park if you’ve never been. It’s one of my favorite places to play because it doesn’t cost anything. I’m hoping that one day we will have more free locations for playing pickleball than just Edgemoor and Seneca. Someday soon, I hope.

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