What is DUPR?

DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating. It is the most accurate and only global rating system in pickleball. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.000-8.000 based on their match results. All your results, regardless of event type, location, or software provider, go into your DUPR. Results come from clubs, associations, tournament organizers, federations, and users (self-posted scores).

Who can have a DUPR rating?

DUPR is free and anyone can have a rating. One match result is all it takes to have a DUPR rating, and 5-10 match results is all it takes to have an even more accurate rating. If you’ve ever played in a Pickleball tournament you most likely already have a DUPR rating and can claim your account at mydupr.com or by downloading the iOS or Android app.


1. Download the app

There are three ways to do this:

2. Open the app and click “Sign Up”

DUPR is free and anyone can have a rating.
Typically a rating can be calculated after 5-
10 matches are logged in the platform.

3. Claim your profile

Search for your name, location, and age to
claim your existing account, including your
past tournament match history.

4. Fill in your personal details

Fill in or confirm your personal details. Add a profile image to further personalize your account.

5. Select your digital club — Wichita Pickleball

Select “Clubs” from the top menu on your dashboard, then find Wichita Pickleball by searching for it by name.

6. Enter your scores after every match

Select the format (e.g. 2 of 3 to 11), the scores, (and make sure your opponents have completed steps 1-3 or give you their email addresses to invite them to DUPR). The match will remain “pending” until your opponents confirm via notification.

7. Ensure that your opponent has validated the score

Once a player enters a match, one or more of their opponents must validate the scores in order to count them towards the participants’ DUPR ratings.

8. Confirm match results

After a match is logged, the players opponents immediately receive notifications from the app and via text/email, where they can use a link to confirm the match results.

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