Pick Your Battle ICT

I really wanted to go to the Greater Wichita YMCA’s first-ever Pick Your Battle ICT tournament to watch the pickleball matches and take pictures but I ended up getting wrapped up in other things. I’ve been getting bits and pieces of the tournament results through various posts from friends on social media but I’ve been anxiously awaiting the full results which the YMCA marketing team finally posted on the YMCA website this week.


Men’s Competitive Winners

1st Place – Scott Wolford and Zach Nguyen

2nd Place – Kyle Long and Ronn McMahon

3rd Place – Craig Clark and John Kretzer

Men’s Intermediate Winners

1st Place – Donald Kunkel and Tony Mathews

2nd Place – Dick Pavelski and Clarence Rose

3rd Place – Fernando Martinez and Sam Smith

Men’s Beginner Winners

1st Place – Glen Burdick and Richard Ludwig

2nd Place – Dave and Pete Moyer

3rd Place – Colton Kester and Logan Mitchell


Women’s Intermediate Winners

1st Place – Brenna Davis and Shelby Hern

2nd Place – Cindy Fortune and Sonja Kelley

3rd Place – Connie McAfee and Debbie Williams

Women’s Beginner Winners

1st Place – Ashley Sorensen and Kristy McFarland

2nd Place – Angela Cato and Tina Cowan


Competitive Winners

1st Place – Rachel and Ron McMahon

2nd Place – Erica Lopez and Zach Nguyen

3rd Place – Jenny Cole and Scott Wolford

Intermediate Winners

1st Place – Clarence Rose and Debbie Williams

2nd Place – Janet Salazar and Noah Spurgeon

3rd Place – Brad and Janelle Lindeman

Beginner Winners

1st Place – Scott Swindler and Vicki Evers

2nd Place – Sara Weber and Steve Kealey

3rd Place – Ashley Sorensen and Mike Flynn

Looks like they had a great turnout for this tournament. Congratulations to all of the winners! You can check out the full results (cornhole tournament results, included), along with pictures, here.

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