2021 Sunflower State Games

Here are the results of this year’s Sunflower State Games held in Topeka on July 17 and 18.


4.5, 5.0 Men’s Doubles

Gold – Tavon Morrow and Zack Taylor

Silver – Ashok Peri and Surya Rao

Bronze – Dan Quach and Gerry High

4.0 Men’s Doubles

Gold – Barry Fishman and Tyler Richard

Silver – Cole Dister and Devon Fuller

Bronze – Justin McClung and Ramon Lozano

3.0, 3.5 Men’s Doubles (3.5)

Gold – Daniel Gray and Danny Knapp

Silver – Ed McMurphy and Jim Bruton

Bronze – John Cole and Scott Wolford

3.0, 3.5 Men’s Doubles (3.0)

Gold – Jerry Lammers and Mike Dalrymple


4.5 Women’s Doubles

Gold – Amanda Cervantes and Kayla Keuter

Silver – Suparna Garinger and Tricia Skibell

Bronze – Chandi Bongers and Kim Knotts

4.0 Women’s Doubles

Gold – Karly Williams and Liz Sharp

Silver – Allie Callahan and Amber Steele

Bronze – Jody Vinson and Karen Fox

3.5 Women’s Doubles

Gold – Jenny Cole and Michelle Pease

Silver – Amy Poynter and Sarah Johnico

Bronze – Heather DeVore and Rachael Cady

3.0 Women’s Doubles

Gold – Dawn Hardy and Deb Tenpenny

Silver – Rossi Petrova and mom

Bronze – Anne Jarriel and Jana Dolbear


4.5, 5.0 Mixed Doubles (5.0)

Gold – Andrea Haas and Zack Taylor

4.5, 5.0 Mixed Doubles (4.5)

Gold – Kelsy Schimmel and Ryan Brandt

Silver – Suparna Garinger and Surya Rao

Bronze – Greta Siemens and Scott Wolford

4.0 Mixed Doubles

Gold – Kat Tomlin and Ramon Lozano

Silver – Justin McClung and Sharon Steimel

Bronze – Devon Fuller and Virgen Moreno

3.5 Mixed Doubles

Gold – Ian Wright and Liz Sharp

Silver – Cheryl Haefele and Michael Chico

Bronze – Kevin Homan and Leslie Bloom

3.0 Mixed Doubles

Gold – Andy and Elle Betz

Silver – Glynis and Scooter Kickhaefer

Bronze – Carol Stephens and Ron Dultmeier

Brian and I came up to Topeka on Saturday afternoon and I got to watch some of the women’s doubles play. I believe the men’s doubles had pretty much wrapped by the time we got there. There weren’t a lot of teams this year. Many of the 5.0 players that I’ve come to expect at these tournaments were notably absent. I’m not sure if there was a special event going on during this same weekend. I know some of our top guys were playing in a round robin at Riverside Tennis Center in Wichita on Saturday afternoon but I’m pretty sure that was scheduled well after SSG was announced.

I really liked that this was an indoor tournament played on an outdoor court playing surface. I would totally play in it next year. The main downside of the tournament is the lack of participation from higher level players.

Part of the fun of attending tournaments, besides playing in them, is being able to watch the skilled players battle it out on the court so when they don’t play the tournament really loses its appeal for me. Will have to figure out a way to ensure that this tournament is well-attended next year because I really do want to play in it.

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