What is USSP?

US Senior Pickleball (USSP) (formerly Super Senior International Pickleball Association or SSIPA) is an independent organization that is not affiliated with USA Pickleball. It is a pickleball organization that is built by seniors specifically for seniors.

The purpose of the USSP is to serve the competitive needs of the senior pickleball community. At USSP circuit tournaments, players have the opportunity to compete with others in the same age group and skill level rather than being grouped with and having to play younger players and seeing their skill ratings negatively impacted.

USSP membership dues are as follows:

  • $20 – annual membership
  • $50 – 3 year membership
  • $80 – 5 year membership
  • $150 – lifetime membership

Why join?

  • The membership dues support the USSP tournament circuit and association.
  • The USSP hosted tournaments have standardized tournament guidelines and ensure that players are competing with other players in their age groups with similar skill levels.
  • While members and non-members can participate in these tournaments, only members can earn points towards awards and/or cash prizes.
  • USSP hosts zone and national championship tournaments during the season.

If you are an avid pickleball player who is 50 years old or older, this is an organization that is worth a look. You can learn more about USSP here.

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