Looking Up a Player

Someone I don’t know asked me to play in tournament with them. Now what? Besides googling the person’s name or looking them up on Facebook, there are a few other websites you can check.

PickleballTournaments.com – PT.com allows you to look up players without being logged in. Click on Player Lookup under Players in the top navigation menu. Enter the player’s last name in the search box and then click on the player’s name to view their information and tournament history.

DUPR – DUPR is another easy way to look up a player. Click on Search Players from the context menu (represented by three horizontal bars in the upper left corner). From there, type the player’s name in the search box and then click on the player to see their match results.

USA Pickleball – If you are a USAP member, you can look up ratings of other members through the website. This does require you to be logged in.

  • Log in to your account and scroll down to the “Members Area Features” section.
  • Enter the name of the member you wish to look up and click the Search button.
  • You can enter the last name only or you can enter their full name to narrow down search results.

If you don’t have a specific person in mind but are looking for a potential partner, click on the Click here for USA Pickleball Player Ratings link.

This will allow you to search for players given a set of parameters. You can narrow your search by gender, rating (doubles, mixed, singles, or legacy), and state.

There are many other ways to look up a pickleball player online but these are the three easiest and simplest methods I know. I hope it helps and good luck to you!

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