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People often ask me what tournaments are coming up. For tournaments that are happening in our area, is a great resource. However, if you are looking to compete in tournaments held in other states, is the best place to look.

The landing page shows you tournaments that are currently playing and also tournaments that recently opened registration.

If you are looking for something specific, you can use the “search box” at the top of the page or you can access Advanced Search, which allows you to set multiple parameters such as

  • City, State, Country
  • Tournament Date (if you’re looking to play during a time that you’ll already be in the area)
  • Registration Date (you can even limit the results to show only tournaments that are currently accepting registrations)
  • Sanctioning (you can filter to show on sanctioned tournaments)
  • SSIPA, AAU Eligibility
  • Partner (allows you to search for tournaments by a specific tour — APP, PPA, National Pickleball, World Pickleball Tour, and so forth)
  • Age and Player Groups
  • Format (show only tournaments that offer a specific format)
  • Ball (show only tournaments that are using a specific ball)
  • Surface, Net, Indoor/Outdoor… the list goes on

Here’s a quick video to show you all of the various search options mentioned above.

If you have trouble finding a tournament or have questions, please reach out by leaving a comment. Good luck!

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