DUPR Match Sessions and Rated Play

DUPR Match Sessions and Rated Play are currently on hold. There are several options to establish or solidify your DUPR pickleball rating:

  • Invite some friends to play and record your matches in the DUPR app. Join the Wichita DUPR Players Facebook group to connect with other players who want to play DUPR matches.

We are excited to offer opportunities for players to build their official rating through DUPR, a free pickleball rating system, by organizing DUPR Match Sessions and Rated Play.

DUPR Match Sessions

DUPR Match Sessions provide players opportunities to build their official ratings. All players are required to have a DUPR account. Follow this link to learn more about claiming your account (tournament players) or creating an account (recreational players with no prior tournament history).

Complete the form below to be notified of upcoming DUPR Match Sessions and then sign up through Playtime Scheduler. An official rating is not required to play in these sessions but all players must be members of Wichita Pickleball on DUPR in order to participate.

During DUPR Match Sessions, players are assigned a different partner each round of play. Rounds consist of one game to 11, win by 1. At the end of each round, players are expected to report their match results to the organizer/facilitator who will log session results in the DUPR system. Players can expect to play 6-10 rounds/matches each session (depending on session length).

After about 10 matches are logged on your DUPR profile, you will receive an official DUPR rating. Once you have an official DUPR rating, email a screenshot of your rating to ictpickle@gmail.com. You will get entered into a restricted rating group that will allow you to register for Rated Play.

A NOTE ABOUT EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please provide the same email address that you are using for PlaytimeScheduler.com. If the two email addresses are different, then you might not receive private session invitations.

DUPR Rated Play

DUPR Rated Play is restricted to players with an official DUPR pickleball rating which will allow players to have quality controlled rated play. Sign up through Playtime Scheduler.

Although results aren’t required to be reported to DUPR, players participating in these sessions are encouraged to log their matches in the DUPR app. Send a screenshot of your rating to ictpickle@gmail.com to be added to a specific invite group (based on rating).

When your rating changes to another level bracket, update your rating on Playtime Scheduler and email a screenshot of your new rating to ictpickle@gmail.com.

Rated Play Groups:

  • Novice – Players with no rating (NR), ratings below 3.00, or provisional ratings (ratings that are designated with an *).
  • Intermediate – Players rated 3.00 up to 3.49 (except provisional).
  • Upper Intermediate – Players rated 3.50 up to 3.99 (except provisional).
  • Advanced – Players rated 4.00 and above (except provisional).

Why do we exclude provisional ratings?

Ratings designated with an asterisk (*) are considered provisional ratings and are not as reliable. Your DUPR pickleball rating becomes reliable based on your connectivity to other players in the DUPR system and the recency of your results. It takes several matches with a variety of players in order for a rating to be truly reliable. You may have many results and ample connectivity, but very low recency (indicated by a half-life less than 3.0), which would downgrade your rating to provisional status. Conversely, you may have many recent matches but poor connectivity to other DUPR rated players, which would also lead to a provisional status. 

What should I do to remove my rating’s provisional status?

Short answer: play more. Play more matches and log these matches in the DUPR app. If you don’t have time or prefer not to log your own matches, sign up for DUPR Match Sessions. Play in tournaments. Play in one of our DUPR leagues. The more that you play and the more matches that are logged, the more reliable your rating will be.

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