How Am I Doing?

Have you ever wondered if all those lessons, drills, and games are paying off? Are you improving? Do you perform better in gender or mixed doubles? Are there partners that bring out the best in you? Are there opponents that you can’t seem to beat? Which of your matches have impacted your rating the most?

Earlier this week, DUPR introduced player performance charts. It’s currently only available on the web but will eventually be integrated into the DUPR app.

For now, you have to go to a specific site/webpage to view your performance chart and you’ll need your DUPR ID. Here’s how to find it:

Type your DUPR ID in the box and hit “Enter” (it is not case sensitive). If you get a red error message, simply wait a couple of minutes for the page to refresh.

Tips for Reading the Chart

  • The black line represents your current rating.
  • Each point represents a match.
  • Points above the line are matches where you over-performed.
  • Points below the line are matches where you under-performed.

More About the Dots/Points

  • Blue dots are gender doubles matches.
  • Green dots are mixed doubles matches.
  • Round dots represent matches where you were favored to win.
  • Diamond dots represent matches where you were the underdog.

I find all of this data interesting because you can see how sometimes you are favored to win but under-perform; while sometimes you are the underdog and over-perform. The chart provides a great overall picture of your performance but you can also get more granular data by click on the Results Table tab.

The default table view is chronological with most recent matches displayed first but you can sort the table any way you wish simply by clicking on the table heading. For instance, I like to sort by Performance Rating to see the matches where I performed the best/least.

Another feature I like on the in the results table is the Search box, located in the upper right corner. You can type the name of a specific player to show all the matches where you played with (or against) that person. It will let you see if you regularly under-perform (or over-perform) with a certain partner so you can see which team-ups bring out the worst/best in you. I find it truly powerful to have all this data available to me. Thank you, DUPR!

Side note: While you can get to this site on your phone’s browser, I highly recommend viewing this page on your desktop computer because the screen size of most mobile devices isn’t generally wide enough to properly display the chart and the able to the fullest.

Anyway, if you’re a data-nerd like me, you will absolutely love this latest gift from DUPR. I am having a great time viewing and analyzing all this data that is now available to me. Enjoy!

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