Pickleball Tournaments Map

Pickleballtournamentsmap.com is calling itself the world’s largest database of upcoming pickleball tournaments. This may or may not be true but I haven’t found anything else like it.

The website is a free resource that shows the locations of pickleball tournaments (represented by “picklepins”) on a Google map. Click on a pin to display information about that tournament and a link to the tournament website for registration.

If you enter an address (such as your home address), a blue pin will be placed on the map to represent that location. When you click on a picklepin, the map will display the driving route and estimated drive time to that pickleball tournament. If you are looking for tournaments within driving distance of your home, this website is very useful.

They don’t require that you register for an account but it is helpful to do so. If you have an account and use the website while logged in, the site remembers your home location and will automatically calculate the driving route and time based on this information, saving you the step of entering your home address each time.

If you’re an avid tournament player, I highly recommend adding this website to your bookmarks!

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