The Slinky Drill

Slinky Drill

I got this one from the Dink newsletter, which is probably my most favorite pickleball newsletter at the moment. They always have good, timely, relevant content to share and are great about recapping and previewing the big tournaments as they happen.

Here’s the drill (remember to practice both forehands and backhands at every step):

  • Dink straight ahead with your partner
  • After 10-20 successful dinks, one player takes two steps back
  • Continue from the new spot until you’re consistently dropping balls in the kitchen, then take two more steps back
  • Repeat until you reach the baseline, then switch roles with your drill partner

Additionally, if time allows, you can also switch ends with your partner which will help you not just lock in your drops, resets, and dinks, but also get a feel for the wind conditions on both ends of the court.

If you are doing this as a drill rather than a warm up, I would also recommend doing the same drill cross court (on the right and the left side) in addition to changing ends.

I highly recommend subscribing to the Dink newsletter if you are not already a subscriber. They offer fantastic pickleball content on a regular basis.

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