Styx Creek Park in Mulvane


Mulvane is a town just South of Wichita but they have been pretty progressive in terms of supporting the growth of pickleball. They started the pickleball court conversion at Styx Creek Park in 2019 and, by May 2020, 4 new lighted pickleball courts were available to the public. Mulvane had lighted outdoor courts before we even had any in Wichita.

There are 4 generously spaced pickleball courts. The spacing is generous enough that they totally could have fit 6 pickleball courts in the same space. The lights are fantastic there for nighttime play, and there are enough trees to provide shade on hot, sunny days.

The only downside of playing at this park is the lack of restroom access. If playing here, restroom options are either the Mulvane Public Library (open until 8 pm most days and only a minute drive) or Casey’s (about 3 minutes from the park). There is also Main Street Park (about 2 minutes away) but you need a key in order to use the restrooms there.

If you live in the Southern part of Wichita or in the Derby or Rose Hill area, Styx Creek Park is a great option. Let us know your thoughts in the comments if you’ve played at this park. We would love to hear your feedback/review.

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