Hangover Pickleball Tournament

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A pickleball tournament to cure the hangover and recoop for the new year! $75 PER TEAM! Includes one bloody mary per player from the bloody mary bar and one $10 CNP gift card per team! Come play in your PJs! Any skill level welcomed!

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  • June 23, 2024 12:00 PM - June 23, 2024 3:00 PM

    On Sunday, June 23rd we will be hosting our 4th annual Pickleball and Cornhole Tournament at Chicken N Pickle!

    It’s such a great way to have fun and support Simply Hygiene.

    Pickleball Registration:

    Register for your 2 person team in either the competitive, intermediate, or beginner bracket.  You must choose which bracket your team wants to compete in!

    Cornhole Registration

    Register for a 2 person team.

    Corporate Sponsors

    If you are a tournament sponsor and registering your complimentary team,  please select which type of team you would like (cornhole or pickleball) and if you select Pickleball let us know in the comments which bracket you would like your team to compete in.

    **All pickleball and cornhole registrations will include play for 2, food, and t-shirts.

    Do you want to support Simply Hygiene, but don't want to play pickleball or cornhole?  Purchase a Spectator ticket, which includes food and a t-shirt.

    We are looking forward to a great event. Thank you for helping support Simply Hygiene!


  • June 28, 2024 11:30 AM - June 28, 2024 1:00 PM

    Rule the court in King/Queen of the court! Win a game, move up a court, lose a game, move down a court. All abilities welcome!

  • June 29, 2024 - June 30, 2024 All day

    $60 per team per event. Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles events. 5 game guarantee.

  • Parent N Child Pickleball Tournament
    July 3, 2024 10:00 AM - July 3, 2024 1:00 PM

    Get ready to have some friendly competition and fun at our Parent N Child tournament! Join us in making memories that will last a lifetime and sharing the court with your kiddo! One player must be over the age 18 and the other must be under the age of 18. See you on the courts! $50 per team.

  • July 12, 2024 - July 14, 2024 All day

    Welcome to the PanAmerican Championship, held at the Michael D. Case Tennis Center at Tulsa University. Registration is $70 for all events. There is a non-refundable $5 service fee per event for the first two events, capped at $10.

    Events will be Men's Doubles, Men's Singles, Women's Doubles, Women's Singles, Mixed Doubles, and a 50/50 Mixed Doubles (where one player is over 50 and the other under 50).

    Brackets will be separated by age (12 - 49, and 50+), and skill. Brackets with too few entries may be combined by age and/or skill at the discretion of the tournament director.

    Format: Brackets will be a Round Robin, followed by a single elimination bracket to determine medal winners. The tournament directory reserves the right to change this format if needed.

    Each day will start at 8:00 AM. Exact start times for each bracket will be posted the Monday before the tournament.

    Event schedule:

    Friday; Men's Singles, Women's Singles, 50/50 Mixed Doubles
    Saturday: Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles
    Sunday: Mixed Doubles

  • July 13, 2024 All day

    $100 entry fee per team. Each player gets a $10 gift card.

    • Mixed Competitive from 9 AM - 12 PM
    • Social-Fun Drink in Hand from 12 PM - 3 PM

    Prizes provided for 1st and 2nd place teams.

    Contact Scott Wolford at (316) 841-5200 if you have questions.

  • The Dink Minor League
    July 13, 2024 All day

    The future of pickleball is NOW: Minor League Pickleball is sweeping the nation with its innovative, fun and social amateur MLPlay™ Team Event.


    Minor League Pickleball is an innovative team competition where teams of 4 players (2 women and 2 men) compete against each other in an engaging format, with twists on traditional match-ups and scoring for games, matches, and tiebreakers. Teams compete against each other in Matches using the MLPlay™ format:

    MLPlay™ is an ingenious gameplay format that brings men and women together on a level playing court. In the MLPlay™ format team matches are composed of four 21-point games, one women’s doubles, a men’s doubles, and the final two games consisting of mixed doubles. If both teams are tied at 2-2 after the 4 games are played, they’ll go to a Dreambreaker™! In a Dreambreaker™ one person from each team plays singles against the other team’s player, switching players every four rallies until someone gets to 21 and wins by two points.


    For the full Minor League Pickleball rules: https://www.dupr.com/minorleague/rules

    DUPR Divisions

    DUPR 20 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 20.99)
    DUPR 18 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 18.30)
    DUPR 16 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 16.30)
    DUPR 14 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 14.30)
    **Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 4.10 to play in DUPR 14
    DUPR 12 (The team’s aggregate DUPR must not exceed 12.30)
    **Maximum individual player DUPR cannot exceed 3.60 to play in DUPR 12

    Once a team registers for a Minor League Pickleball event, their ratings are “locked” and their DUPR increasing or decreasing will not impact the team’s aggregate or division placement.
    To sign up for any Minor League event, a DUPR account is required at the time of registration. Not rated players can play; however, their estimated rating will be verified by the tournament director.

    Substitute Players

    A team that needs a player substitute can either edit their team by signing into Swish and making the edits themselves or a player may submit the player substitute information directly to the tournament organizer. Substitute player’s DUPR may not cause the established team’s aggregate to go over max event’s aggregate.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    To receive a refund minus the $5 technology fee, cancellation must be received by the end of day 15 days prior to the Minor League Pickleball start date. Eg: Event start date is June 15, 2024. Cancellation must be received by 11:59pm local time on Friday, June 1, 2024. After June 1, 2024, no refunds will be issued.

  • July 19, 2024 - July 21, 2024 All day

    This tournament will be a Round Robin format
    - Games to 15 OR 2/3 to 11 depending on group size.
    - All games win by 2

    Events with 8 or more teams will be divided into two pools, with the top two teams advancing. The top team from Pool 1 will play the second place team from Pool 2 and the top team from Pool 2 will play the second place team from Pool 1. The winning teams will play each other for gold/silver. Losing teams will play each other for bronze. Medal matches coming from pools are 2/3 to 11.

    Players are to play according to the USA Pickleball rules and conduct themselves in a professional, congenial manner. Inappropriate behavior, verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.

    * Necessary changes will be made at the discretion of the Tournament Director to enhance experience.


    * Free T-shirt if registered on or before July 4th

  • Sunflower State Games
    July 20, 2024 - July 21, 2024 All day

    Teams will compete in round robin format. The top 6 teams of each bracket (or combined bracket) will proceed to single elimination for medals. Large brackets may be split into different pools.

    SATURDAY, July 20
    Mens & Womens Doubles - skill levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+ - Ages <50 yrs, 50+ yrs

    SUNDAY, July 21
    Mixed Doubles - skill levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+ -Ages <50 yrs, 50+ years

    Players must register within 7 days of their partner or will be moved to the waitlist until both players are registered.

    Fee: $50 per player for first event; additional $5 for a second event. (Fee: $45 registration + $5 service fee for one event, or $45 registration + $10 service fee for two events.)

  • KanVets Pickleball Tournament
    July 21, 2024 12:00 PM - July 21, 2024 3:00 PM

    July 21st at Chicken and Pickle in Wichita, KanVets is hosting its first charity pickleball tournament. Competitive and non-competitive brackets are available, as well as social tickets for food and drinks to watch the matches! All money made will go directly to local veterans in need.

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