The Reset Shot

Many people consider the drop shot (sometimes referred to as third shot drop) as the most difficult shot in pickleball but there is actually a shot that is even more difficult than this. While the drop drop shot is very important, it is the reset shot that I feel is crucial to advancing your game and is easiliy the most difficult type of shot to master.

The reset shot is very similar to the drop shot in that you must hit a shot that is low and slow (read: unattackable) while on the defensive. Imagine how difficult it is to consistently hit a drop shot when you’re not under any kind of pressure. Now imagine hitting a drop shot while you’re under attack.

For most players, our immediate instinct when we are under attack is to fire back. The end result is a fast-paced exchange where eventually someone pops the ball up that allows a player from the opposing team to hit a smash and finish the rally. This is great if your team has faster hands than the other team. If you are out-gunned, however, the reset shot is an important shot to have in your arsenal.

Mastering the reset shot will allow you to neutralize opponents’ attacks and will keep you in the point longer. You may even elicit an occasional unforced error if the other team wasn’t expecting the ball to come back.

Watch the video below by PrimeTime Pickleball and pickleball pro Daniel Moore to learn more about the reset shot and how to practice it.

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