Printable Open Play Schedule

Here’s a filterable, sortable, printable open play schedule for the Wichita and surrounding area. You can print the entire list or you can filter for specific days, time of day, venues/locations, cities, etc. before printing. How to use the worksheet:

Use Filter Views to display only what you need.

  • Select Weekend Only to show only Saturday and Sunday play
  • Select a specific day of the week to show only sessions for that day of the week
  • Select Daytime Only to show only morning and afternoon play sessions
  • Select Evening Only to show only evening play sessions
  • Select Wichita Only to show only sessions at venues within the city
  • Select Outside Wichita to show only sessions at venues outside the city

The Filter Views will show all venues. Use the slicer to further refine your list. Use one or more of these parameters to further refine your results.

  • DAY – allows you to select specific days of the week (you may check more than one) such as if you want to print a list of play sessions on Wednesdays, Friday, and Sundays only
  • T/DAY – allows you to select morning, afternoon, and/or evening
  • VENUE/LOCATION – allows you to select a specific location such as if you want to display only play sessions at YMCA locations because you are a YMCA member
  • CITY – allows you to display sessions in a specific city (or cities – you may select more than one)

Example output:

For example, these are the selections that you would make to show a list of open play sessions at YMCAs within the city of Wichita on Sunday and Tuesday evenings only.

When you’re happy with your list, select columns A to F, then click File and click Print (or simply use Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut). Confirm that the print area shows “Selected cells (A:F)” rather than “Current sheet” and that the page orientation is set to Portrait (rather than Landscape) then click on NEXT button. Finally, grab the paper and hang on your fridge and never miss your favorite sessions again.


NOTE: While we try our best to keep the open play schedule updated on a regular basis, schedules are subject to change due to holidays and other events (like floor resurfacing, etc.). If you haven’t been to a location for a while or if you are attending for the first time, it might not be a bad idea to call ahead and confirm the schedule.

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