Queen of Court is Back

A couple of years ago we used to have a “Queen of Court” group that played at Chicken N Pickle on Saturday mornings at the same time that the higher level guys had their “King of Court” ladder group. I was organizing it and got players via our ladies’ only Group Me and then when I started teaching Aqua Zumba on Saturday mornings another friend took it over. Eventually the group kind of disbanded. Although, the guys still have their KoC group that has never stopped since its inception. The guys’ KoC has dwindled some (I think they have 2 courts most of the time) but at its peak they would have 4-6 courts of top level guys playing on a weekly basis. We would even have some guys travel from Missouri and Oklahoma to play with them.

I recently saw a social media post from my friend Tanner Rice who organizes DUPR sessions in Oklahoma City where he literally crowned their KoC winner. It inspired me to buy my own crown and bring back the ladies’ QoC. The differences being we have a physical crown now, which is basically our version of a “traveling trophy” except way cooler, and it’s going to monthly (or as scheduled). I’ve decided since “Queen” gets to keep the crown, they also get to decide the date of the next official QoC wherein they can can crown our new winner or re-crown themselves (if they win it again).

Brandi Richardson won our very first one at Riverside. She has chosen Monday, November 28, as the date of our next QoC. The location is TBD — based on wherever we can get indoor courts. Our options are limited now that it’s winter time.

I am so glad that Brandi won. She played really well that night and the crown suits her.

I am looking forward to having our next one. The first one was so much fun and we are all very excited to get back together and try to take the crown from the reigning queen.

Anyway, if you are interested in participating, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when the next one gets posted or just be on lookout on PlaytimeScheduler.com where you can RSVP for this and other fun events.

See you at the courts!

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