League T-Shirt to Tank Top and Matching Headband Project

For those who prefer to play in tank tops over t-shirts, here’s a quick and easy “how-to” guide for converting your favorite Chicken N Pickle league t-shirt into a tank top.

1) Start with your shirt on a flat surface. Fold in half vertically. Cut along the seams of the sleeves to make armholes for the tank top. Make sure the shirt is perfectly flat. The closer you cut to the seams the smaller the armholes will be. If you cut further down the shirt, it will create bigger armholes or a muscle tank effect.
2) You can shorten the tank by cutting along the hem. You can cut it straight across or curved based on your personal preference. I usually cut mine curved.
3) Save the bottom of the shirt because you can create other things with the scraps. This will get turned into a matching headband.
4) Cut into strips. Make several strips to make a wider headband.
5) Pull strips on each end to stretch and lengthen them. Cut on one end.
6) Use an elastic hair tie and position it exactly halfway through the fabric strips.
7) Braid the strips together. Continue braiding the strips until you only have a small section left (about an inch or two).
8) Affix the ends to the hair tie with double knots. I just leave the raw edges but you can trim the excess fabric according to your preference.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always use fabric scissors. Keep your fabric scissors sharp by only using them to cut fabric and nothing else.
  • Don’t worry about making perfect cuts because the raw edges will curl after washing.
  • There are ways to make your tank top larger or smaller if it doesn’t quite fit, which I can explain in another post. (Or if you can’t wait, send me an email.)

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