Pickleball Fire Podcast

I am absolutely obsessed with the Pickleball Fire podcast. It is currently one of my most favorite podcasts. The podcast is an extension of PickleballFire.com, a website that Lynn Cherry started after discovering pickleball in 2018. The site is a wealth of information pickleball clinics and tournaments; reviews on pickleball paddles, nets and other equipment; instructional videos; and basically all things pickleball. Lynn even publishes a magazine every other month. The website is a gold mine.

Anyway, one of my most favorite things about the podcast that Lynn started in October 2020 is the quality of her interviews. Lynn asks great questions and expertly flows from topic to topic.

It really does not matter whether or not I am familiar with her guest because, by the end of the interview, Lynn has given me good understanding of who they are as a person and pickleball player through her thoughtful questioning.

I also like the frequency and consistency of the podcasts. I can rely on a new episode every week. If you’ve been looking for a new podcast to add to your list, this one is worth a listen.

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