Setting Up a Temporary Pickleball Court

This video shows you how to create a temporary pickleball court. Though it is possible to line a court by yourself, it is much easier to do with two people.

What you will need:

Overall Court Dimensions: 44′ X 20′ (includes the lines)

Net Post Placement: ideally 12″ outside the sidelines on both sides

Net Height: 34″ at the center and 36″ at the sidelines

Line Width: ideally 2″ thick

Pickleball Court Dimensions

When taping temporary lines, green Frog tape is recommended because it adheres to the court better and doesn’t leave residue when removed. Also, green Frog tape doesn’t interfere with white tennis court lines. Pickleball players quickly become accustomed to recognizing the green lines and the white lines will become invisible. The same thing goes for tennis players — the green lines tend to become invisible.

Tapes that could be used but are not recommended include blue painter’s tape and Duct tape. Blue painter’s tape doesn’t stick to the courts as well as Frog tape and Duct tape is very expensive and can ruin the court surface when removed.

If you are making permanent lines, you’ll need the following in addition to the items listed above:

  • 400 feet of painter’s tape (you’ll need double the amount above to create the line stencils)
  • line paint, brush, drop cloth, and other painting materials

Before purchasing paint, consult a tennis or pickleball court specialist such as Mid-American Courtworks because there are specific paints that are ideal for courts. For example, the white paints sold for tennis courts are extremely durable and will not be slippery when wet.

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