What is PicklePlay?

PicklePlay is a free app for avid pickleball players like me and you. PicklePlay helps players to find pickleball courts, events, clubs, and connect with other pickleball addicts. The app’s main features include:

  1. Enables players find courts, clubs, events, and players that match your skillset.
  2. Helps you organize pickleball games and events with your club or community.
  3. Shows you review of pickleball courts and other players.
  4. Keeps you informed of what’s happening in your community.
  5. Let’s you connect and communicate with other players.

The app’s main objective is to foster a community around our all-time favorite sport. Here are a couple of informational videos to help familiarize you with the app:

This is an overview of the PicklePlay home screen.
This is an overview of how to use the map feature.

Download the app today and start connecting with other players!

You can join the Wichita Pickleball club on PicklePlay here.

What is the difference between a “Club” or “Group” on PicklePlay?

Even though Clubs and Groups are listed under the same tab in the bottom navigation row, there are some slight differences that users should know.

PicklePlay Clubs are designed for larger community groups or facilities that need help organizing their play schedules and communicating with their members. 

  • Visible on the map screen under “clubs” tab
  • Searchable by users 

Can post events as public to show up to anyone on PicklePlay OR private for only members to see and RSVP for. This is great awarenesss for events and can even post registration links during the event creation process for clinics, tournaments.

Search Clubs by name on this tab if you need to find your club to join!

PicklePlay Groups typically are smaller, private groups of friends or communities that do not want to be visible or searchable on the app. Sometimes this means a smaller group in a specific skill level, HOA of private neighborhood, or community group that wants to remain invite only. 

  • Members must be invited by link or in app invitation to join
  • Not searchable or visible on our map screen under “clubs” tab

Similar to Clubs, Groups can also post events as public to show up to anyone on PicklePlay OR private for only members to see and RSVP for. This would be if they wanted to post a clinic or small tournament and want to make public in event creation process. 

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