Dream Team Doubles – Over and Under

We had a super fun tournament last weekend at Riverside Tennis Center. Noi had this great idea to bring both young and old together in a team tournament. You’ve seen team events before with teams consisting of two men and two women. The twist with this one is – at least two team members have to be 55+ (in addition to the gender requirement).

Team PADDLE CERJ won the tournament, dropping only a handful of games along the way. But, honestly, there were so many amazing players who participated in the event. Here are some pictures…

First Place – PADDLE CERJ (Cindy and Ed Egan, Jenny Corley, Robert Mansfield)

Second Place – Team KSBS (Kay Schierling, Scott Wolford, Becci Young, Stephen Wilson)

Third Place – Let’s Taco ‘Bout It (Dawn Hazelwood, Parrish Gumeringer, Fernando Martinez, Ramon Lozano)

Patti’s Ballers – (Patti Mackey, Wanda Ballard, Brady Randall, Dustin Herman)

JB and the Dinkers – (JB West, Erica Case, Nathan Peters, Kari Steffy)

NOIsy Picklers – (Noi Sourinthone, Katelyn Goldsmith, Steve and Shelley McKinney)

Dustin actually had to leave early so Sean McKinney filled in for him for the bracket portion of the tournament. The McKinneys were in the house!

Here’s a fun little highlight video that I made from pictures and clips taken at the event. We also livestreamed the whole thing on Facebook. If you are stuck at home one day and looking for something to watch, there’s at least six hours worth of video there. LOL.

I love pickleball and watching amazing pickleball players play so I don’t mind running these events when people need a tournament organizer or facilitator. Besides my love for pickleball, I also love making worksheets so these new and different tournament formats give me a creative outlet. I really enjoy making worksheets that automatically calculate and populate things. I also love solving some of the challenges that these new formats present so I thoroughly enjoyed creating the tournament workbook for Noi’s Dream Team Doubles – Over and Under event.

Now that the dust has settled, I have “templatized” (that’s probably not a word so it’s in quotes) the worksheets I used so that others who want to throw a similar event can do it without me. If you want to host a team tournament with six teams (it doesn’t have to be exactly like this one) and you would like the template, send $25 and email wichitapb@gmail.com. I will send it over. (If you need me to add more teams or change the worksheets in some way, that will be extra!)

The main worksheet automatically tallies all the matches won, points earned by each team, and ranks the teams so you don’t have to do these calculations by hand. Also, because I’m a nerd, I want to know how many wins each team’s women’s and men’s teams had and I also wanted a total of how many mixed doubles games each team won. You probably won’t need this info but for me I like to give recognition to the best women’s doubles and men’s doubles duos and these tallies allow me to quickly do that and share the information with the players at the event.

I love messing around with worksheets almost as much as I love pickleball so, if you have an idea and you need help coming up with an easy way to keep track of the match results, reach out because I’m always happy to help. Until the next tournament! See you out on the courts!

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